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CNC Brush Drilling and Tufting Machine

3-Axis CNC Brush Drilling and Tufting Machine

We really appreciate your interest in our 3-Axis CNC Brush Drilling and Tufting Machine.

CNC brush drilling and tufting machine, 3-Axis is suitable for making the big and long roller brush with plastic or wooden base, as well as cylindrical industrial brush which are used to clean glass, marble tiles, or polish fruits, textile, iron and steel product.

1. Length of the working table of WXD-3A-L002 is 2m, which is 1.7m shorter than that of WXD-3A-L001, while the other parts are all the same as those of WXD-3A-L001.

2. With 5.4'' touchable screen, the interface is available in various languages, such as Chinese, English, Spain, Russian, as required by clients.
3. With PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), this long-roller brush machine operates precisely with excellent stability.
4. The working table is composed of straight-line guide rail and ball screw with high precision, which is quite stable and durable.
5. Operator enters data for drilling/tufting positions by either "Teaching-Type" or "Digits-Type". On operation interface, operator could insert, delete, adjust, copy, separate and move holes, which is quite simple and convenient.
6. This CNC long-roller machine is installed with a drilling head and a tufting head, with functions of both drilling and tufting. Please note that drilling head and tufting head do not work simultaneously. While drilling head is working, tufting head stops; while tufting head is operating, drilling head stops. It has features of precise positioning and high efficiency.
7. Spare parts offered together with the machine: 1pcs of bristle mouth; 1pcs of cutting blade; 5 pcs of tufting needles.

We are a professional CNC brush drilling and tufting machine manufacturer in China. We offer CNC brush making machine, CNC brush tufting machinery, broom making machine, broom tufting machine, plastic broom making machinery, wooden broom making machinery, and more.

If you have any inquiries about our products, please give us a call or send us an email. We are certain that you will be satisfied with our excellent products and service, and we are ready to serve you.

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