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CNC Machining Center

We are a professional CNC machine manufacturer in China. We offer CNC brush making machine, CNC brush tufting machinery, broom making machine, broom tufting machine, plastic broom making machinery, wooden broom making machinery, and more.

CNC machining center is the most capable and versatile automatic machine tool. It can perform drilling, tufting, milling, boring, reaming and tapping operations.

Major characteristics of CNC machining center
1. Machining center is capable of handling a wide variety of part sizes and shapes efficiently, economically, respectively, and with high dimensional accuracy with tolerances in the order of +0.0025mm.
2. It is versatile and capable of quick changeover from one type of product to another.
3. The time required for loading and unloading work pieces, changing tools, gauging of the part, and troubleshooting is reduced. Therefore productivity is improved, thus reducing labor requirements and minimizing production costs.
4. It is equipped with tool-condition monitoring device for the detection of tool breakage and wears as well as probes for tool-wear compensation and for tool positioning. In-process and post-process gauging and inspection of machines work pieces are now features of machining centers.
5. It is relatively compact and highly automated and has advanced control systems, so one operator can attend to two or more machining centers at the same time, thus reducing labor costs

The performance of a variety of machining operations on the same machining center eliminates the non-productive waiting time that occurs if such operations are performed on different machines. Provision of automatic tool changing, indexing of tables and several pallets add to the productivity of the machining centers.

What's CNC?
Numerical control (NC) refers to the automation of machine tool that is operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium, as opposed to manually controlled via hand wheels or levers, or mechanically automated via cams alone.

In modern CNC system, end-to-end component design is highly automated using CAD/CAM program. The programs produce a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a particular machine, and then loaded into the CNC machines for production. Modern machines often combine multiple tools into a single "cell".

The first NC machines were built in the 1940s and '50s, based on existing tools that were modified with motors that moved the controls to follow points fed into the system on paper tape. These early servomechanisms were rapidly augmented with analog and digital computers, creating the modern computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools that have revolutionized the design process.

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Numerical Controlled Machine
Thanks for your interest in our numerical controlled machine.
Numerical control of machine tools may be defined as a method of automation in which various functions of machine tools are controlled by letter, number and symbol.

The NC machine is versatile and can be used for any part. All the functions of a CNC machine tool are controlled electronically, hydraulically or pneumatically.
Basically a NC machine runs on a program fed to it. The program is the controlling point for production. It consists of precise instructions about the manufacturing methodology as well as the movements.

Automatic functions
1. Starting and stopping of the machine tool spindle.
2. Controlling the spindle speed.
3. Positioning the tool tip at desired locations and guiding it along.
4. Controlling the rate of movement of the tool tip (i.e. feed rate)
5. Changing tools in the spindle.

We are a numerical controlled machine manufacturer in China. Our products include brush machine, CNC brush tufting machine, CNC brush making machines, CNC brush tufting machinery, brush making machinery, broom making machines, and more. Please contact us with any questions or to place your order now.

CNC Routing
Thanks for your interest in our CNC routing.

CNC routing is a cutting process in which material is removed from a sheet by a rotating tool. Parts made by CNC routing include: sheet metal enclosure, decorative sign, sign lettering, sheet metal mechanism, and more. Cost reduction options include reducing the total cut length, limiting complexity and avoiding intricate features.

CNC routing can process most rigid materials including most metals: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper, Steel, Brass, Titanium, Sterling Silver, Bronze, etc, plus hard plastics and other materials: Nylon, Acetal, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Acrylic, Fiberglass, Carbon fiber, Teflon, ABS, PVC, Wood, etc.

The process is cost effective for short runs as setup time is minimal. Complex shapes and high dimensional tolerances are possible. Smooth finishes can be achieved. CNC routing can produce almost any 2D shape provided inside corners have a reasonable radius.

1. For CNC routing, the cutting tool is moved mainly in two dimensions (except for plunging on the Z axis) to achieve the desired part shape. 2. The cutting tool usually rotates about an axis that is perpendicular to the table that holds the material to be cut. A cutting tool hovers over the material from a rotating spindle. A sheet of material is placed on a stationary table below the cutter. While the cutting tool turns, a computer controls the motion of the cutter. The cutter is guided to move through the material, removing portions to create shapes.

We are a CNC machine manufacturer in China. Our products include brush machine, CNC brush tufting machine, CNC brush tufting machinery, brush making machinery, broom making machine, and more. Please contact us with any questions or to place your order now.